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Below are just a few of the success stories our thousands of customers enjoy every day.

Benefits from using “compare communities” tool to make final decision.

“Your site was extremely helpful. We changed our plans because of what we learned. We were referred to your site late in our process so in the weeks we had Premium access, we reviewed every CCRC we had visited and then made our decision. Your review format was easy to understand so we could quickly compare sites in VA, MD and PA. We have now recommended it to everyone we know who is looking at CCRCs.”

Royal Oak, MD

Saves time and money using every feature.

“Every feature on myLifeSite has been extremely helpful. There is not one feature on your site that I haven’t used. The financial and medical evaluations are very important pieces of information. If a CCRC wasn’t up to my standards, I knew I needed to move on. One of the key features that I frequently use and that I find most valuable is the financial calculator. The financial calculator is so accurate that even our financial advisor was impressed. I highly recommend myLifeSite’s tools for anyone looking to move into a CCRC. We are premium users and can say that myLifeSite, overall, has saved us time and money as we evaluate places before visiting along with getting a better idea of what is the right place for us!”

Miami, FL

Learns about accreditations, private and state ratings, and much, much more.

“myLifeSite has helped guide my living choices with regards to researching CCRC accreditations and private and state ratings. The site has also helped further my edification on the CCRC subject including alternative ways to fund the entry fee, how Long-term Care Insurance can supplement a CCRC program, the pluses and minuses of refundable contracts, and potential tax law changes which could affect the CCRC investment. I would recommend myLifeSite to anyone navigating the process of selecting the CCRC that’s right for them.

Sunset, SC

Finds the user-friendly format very helpful and gains knowledge with financial calculator.

“myLifeSite does an excellent job of providing lots of useful information in an easy to use format.  I especially like the financial calculator. It provides me the option to try different scenarios. For example, I can try alternate fee options against my projected assets and liabilities. Your blog is also a favorite of mine.”

South Pasadena, FL

Investigates financial health of CCRCs.

“myLifeSite is great. I have referred people to it as a resource. It helps us narrow down potential communities that are a good fit by providing detailed information about a community’s financial health. For example, if a community’s financial ratio is out of line with the norm, we know this is something we should investigate further. We look for changes over time which could indicate a change in management emphasis, or a change in a community’s financial health.”

E. Denzel
Oxford, MS

Leverages financial calculator to decide between two CCRCs.

“Given the lack of information out there about CCRCs, we were able to get some really good guidance from myLifeSite. I joined to make use of the financial calculator since we were comparing two CCRCs. Turns out, the financial projection tool was very helpful in making our final decision. We have since moved into a new home at a CCRC.”

Avalon, NJ

Educates himself about unfamiliar terms and CCRCs.

“myLifeSite has proved to be very helpful to me in learning about CCRCs. I started out knowing very little other than the letters stood for “Continuing Care Retirement Community.” As I began to research CCRCs further, I realized that there were not only numerous related areas of information that were unfamiliar to me, but that I was also being confronted with terms that I was unfamiliar with. myLifeSite helped to simplify those terms but was also useful in comparing specific CCRCs so that I could compare ‘apples to apples.’”

Traverse City, MI

Takes advantage of “Resources” section to help find a community she loves.

“myLifeSite is filled with excellent information. Your “Resources” section was a useful tool in my education process while gathering information on communities in North Carolina. I found a community I love in Charlotte that offers a modified life care contract which perfectly meshes with my Long-term Care Insurance. I’m surprised to talk to people who moved into a life plan community knowing as little as they did!”

Portsmouth, NH

Uses comparisons and detailed information on CCRCs to find best fit.

“myLifeSite was incredibly helpful while choosing our future CCRC home. The summary and detailed information on individual communities made my investigations so much easier. The information about pitfalls to avoid were also very important. myLifeSite helped us make our final choice. I have recommended you to other friends who are looking at CCRCs.”

Miami, FL

Gains knowledge on comprehensive articles of specific CCRCs.

“I found this site to be very helpful, particularly since I live in NC and all of the properties I was interested in were covered. I would definitely recommend this site to others interested in evaluating CCRC’s. I have also taken advantage of the emails with articles on various CCRC related topics.”

Raleigh, NC

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