Better prospect engagements.
Better results.

Better prospect engagements.
Better results.

Consumers today are seeking education, guidance, and transparency from senior living representatives. With provider-level access to myLifeSite you’ll be better equipped to serve as a valuable resource for your prospective residents as they navigate this important decision.

“We have been using myLifeSite for two years and we love this product! Our marketing team has found great value in the resources and the financial calculator has helped us have more meaningful discussions with prospects related to finances.  It is comprehensive and provides very professional looking documents for presentation purposes, when needed. This type of reassurance for our prospective residents is priceless.”

Mark Lowell, St. George Village

“myLifeSite’s financial tool is not just a ‘nice accessory’ to the senior living sales process, it is an essential discovery tool. It provides clarity for the prospective resident where there was previously uncertainty, and in the process opens conversations about every other important priority in their lives. THAT is the kind of discovery that leads to sales!”

“myLifeSite is one of the main tools our sales team relies on to help develop consumer confidence, credibility, and an edge over our competition. Without question, using myLifeSite has helped us advance the decision process in a number of situations.”

Dorothy Schrage, Sales & Marketing Director, StoneRidge

“myLifeSite has been such a helpful tool in my interactions with clients. I use the resource section weekly to mail out informational articles to prospects. In addition, the financial calculator has helped many prospects understand the value behind moving to a CCRC.”

Carly Bingaman, Retirement Counselor, The Highlands at Wyomissing

“Our investment in utilizing the abundance of tools on myLifeSite are priceless.  Literally there is an article to address and ease the minds of our prospects on any given subject…  It enhances our credibility and helps in the decision making process for our prospects.  I highly recommend any retirement community to consider investing in myLifeSite and using the many tools available.”

Vicki Weuve, Cottage Grove Place

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