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Anyone who is researching and analyzing retirement living options for themselves or a loved one can benefit from the solutions provided by My LifeSite. Additionally, those who provide guidance in a professional capacity can also benefit from using My LifeSite with their clients and prospects. Our users include consumers, financial advisors, senior living consultants, accountants, and representatives of retirement communities.

Continuing care retirement communities, often referred to as CCRCs or “life plan communities,” are an increasingly popular, but often complex, retirement living choice. The type of residency contract offered and the corresponding pricing model can vary dramatically from one provider to the next. The complexity of the contract(s) tends to make it more difficult for consumers to research and compare options. We aim to break down the complexity and provide you with the important information you need.

Recognizing the need for more and better information on CCRCs, My LifeSite seeks to be the go-to source for comprehensive and unbiased information on continuing care retirement communities. Learn more about how we get our data

No. In order to feature as many retirement communities as possible we do not charge retirement living providers to be listed. We encourage all retirement communities to provide the information we require in order to build a profile report, at no cost.

We currently cover ten states in our database: CA, TX, IN, IL, FL, NC, VA, MD, CT, and NJ. We plan to cover additional states in the future.

If you search our database for one of the states we cover and cannot find the retirement community that you are looking it is likely due to the fact that it does not meet the state’s definition of a continuing care retirement community. In this case we would rely on the provider to directly make available to us the necessary information and documents that we require in order to build a complete profile.

There is no charge to have a community profile report included in myLifeSite’s database. All we require is a copy of your most recent disclosure statement, sample resident contract, and audited financials. You may send these to us either by email or by clicking here. Once the profile report is prepared we will send it to you for review.

“The process of choosing between aging at home or moving to a CCRC is extremely complex. Almost everyone wants to understand firsthand the available options and which ones best suit their current and future lifestyle. I would be impressed with any financial advisor that offered LifeSite Logics as a value added service to help my wife and me make better informed decisions about our future.”

Michael Hyland, Retired, IBM

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