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Brad Breeding is president and co-founder of My LifeSite, a North Carolina company that develops web-based resources designed to help families make better-informed decisions when considering a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) or lifecare community.

A Low-Wage Paradox for Assisted Living & LTC Caregivers

According to the latest jobs report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in June, the healthcare sector added 37,000 jobs. As the country’s population grows older, the need for more employees in the healthcare services field, including what’s referred to as “direct care” workers–like home health aides, personal care aides, and nursing assistants who [...]

By | July 17th, 2017|

What is a “Continuum of Care”?

If you have been looking at various senior living options, including continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs, also called life plan communities), you have likely heard or seen the term “continuum of care” used. It’s an important concept when it comes to the variety of services provided by retirement communities, but I find it is also [...]

By | July 10th, 2017|

Wellness Programs: Good for CCRC Residents & The Bottom Line

“Wellness” is a term that gets used a lot in senior living, and depending on the context, it can have many different meanings. But when it comes to continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs, also called live plan communities) and other types of senior living options, “wellness” usually refers to any service or amenity that contributes [...]

By | July 3rd, 2017|

Close-up: The AARP Long-Term Services & Supports Scorecard

I’m always eager to share resources for people who are interested in learning more about the senior living industry and related topics like long-term care. That’s why I was excited to hear about the most recent version of the AARP Public Policy Institute’s Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) State Scorecard Report. Ranking LTSS by state [...]

By | June 29th, 2017|

CCRC vs. Rental Retirement Community: What Are the Differences?

According to Pew Research Center, approximately 10,000 Baby Boomers turned 65 today, and about that same number will reach retirement age every day for the next decade. That’s a lot of retirees! And that’s one of the reasons the retirement living industry is booming in our country with more and more senior living communities opening [...]

By | June 26th, 2017|

The Senior Loneliness Epidemic & Solutions to “Cure” It

Isolation is the “silent killer” affecting an estimated 8 million seniors in the U.S., but it is an epidemic that often goes unnoticed and untreated, according to a panel of experts who testified before the Senate Special Committee on Aging in April of this year. On average, 40 percent of seniors are impacted by the [...]

By | June 19th, 2017|

Prospective CCRC Residents’ 9 Frequently Asked Questions

I frequently have the privilege of talking with prospective residents of continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs, or life plan communities) who are visiting different locations in order to better educate themselves on their options. Some have already definitively determined that they want to move to a CCRC and just need to decide which one best [...]

By | June 12th, 2017|

How CCRCs Can Ease Retirement-Related Fears

As I present to and talk with people at continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs, also called life plan communities) across the country, there are certain “recurring themes” that I hear. One subject that is frequently voiced revolves around the stress associated with envisioning and planning for the future, and indeed, it can feel like a [...]

By | June 6th, 2017|

How to Analyze the Quality of a CCRC Healthcare Center

There are countless benefits to living in a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, also called a life plan community)–from engaging and fun social opportunities to top-notch amenities and services–but one of the chief reasons for considering a move to a CCRC is the accessibility of healthcare services if and when you need them. A CCRC [...]

By | May 29th, 2017|