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Brad Breeding is president and co-founder of My LifeSite, a North Carolina company that develops web-based resources designed to help families make better-informed decisions when considering a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) or lifecare community.

Geriatric Care Managers: “Professional Relatives” to Coordinate Care

In last week’s blog post, I discussed the steps you and your family can take in advance of a healthcare emergency to reduce some of the stress of a difficult situation—what’s referred to as “pre-crisis planning.” From exploring assisted living facilities in your area to working with an experienced financial advisor to prepare your assets, [...]

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Pre-Crisis vs. Post-Crisis Planning: Confronting Life’s Unknowns

“Planning for a crisis”: It almost sounds like an oxymoron. But as we grow older, it becomes a matter of practicality. Yes, we’d all like to think that we will be healthy and able-bodied for the rest of our lives, but unfortunately, that’s not always the case. And that’s where planning for a crisis comes [...]

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Will a CCRC Move Me to Assisted Living Too Soon?

I enjoy receiving comments and feedback from people who read our blog and use the myLifeSite tools; they offer so many valuable insights into the senior living decision process. I recently got an email from a myLifeSite reader who told me that she and her husband are fully committed to moving to a continuing care [...]

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When Memory Issues Are Cause for Concern

A concern that is commonly voiced by adult children is that their aging parent is beginning to get forgetful. Maybe they are losing their keys more frequently. Perhaps they uncharacteristically failed to pay some bills on time. Such changes can seem especially pronounced for those who only see their parents occasionally (such as around the [...]

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Remain in the Home You Love: The Continuing Care at Home Model

In last week’s blog post, “’…but I love my home’: Is Staying in Your House the Right Move?,” I discussed a few of the common reasons that most people age 65 and older (80 to 90 percent) say they would like to stay in their current home as they grow older. Among this majority, they [...]

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“…but I love my home”: Is Staying in Your House the Right Move?

Recently, I was talking with a sales counselor at a retirement community who said something she often hears from prospective residents is, "I like what your community has to offer, but I just love my home." I truly understand this sentiment. My job necessitates a fair amount of travel, and while I enjoy getting to [...]

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The Invisible Senior: Confronting Ageism in the U.S.

We’ve been hearing about various types of discrimination in the new headlines a lot lately. From issues of pay equity to debates around race, disability, and sexuality, Americans typically have vocal opinions about hot button topics. However, there is one demographic that frequently confronts discrimination, but it rarely makes the front page of the paper: [...]

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Important Tasks & Decisions for Each Phase of Retirement Planning

Retirement. It tends to be a catch-all word that generally refers to the light at the end of the tunnel after years of hard work. It’s a time to enjoy the things in life that matter the most, like family, travel, and leisure activities. After all, you’ve put in your time and earned it! But [...]

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After the Storm: Rethinking a Florida Retirement?

Florida and Texas have been in the news and in our thoughts over the past few weeks as they have been impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The flooding and destruction these powerful storms left in their wakes was truly devastating to see. While both of these states have become major retirement destinations because of [...]

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Leveling the Playing Field: CCRC Ratings and Rankings

I am fortunate to spend a lot of time talking with people all over the country who are considering a move to a continuing care retirement community (CCRC, also known as a life plan community). When I give presentations to those who are exploring their senior living options, I gain great insights into the thought [...]

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